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A Guide to the Casiraghi Trio by Jess of C3

"He was a late bloomer, but damn did he blood"= Pierre in a nutshell 

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Grace Kelly once gave an interview to the JFK Library in 1965 about an amusing experience she had with the then-Senator John F. Kennedy in the 50’s.

GALLICO: Was [the trip to the White House with Prince Rainer in 1962] the first time that you had met the President?

GRACE: Actually, no. The first time was before he became the President, during that year he was in the hospital in New York with his back. I had been to a dinner party where I had met Mrs. Kennedy and her sister [Lee Radziwill] the first time. They asked me to go to the hospital with them to pay a visit and help cheer him up. They wanted me to go into his room and say I was the new night nurse.

GALLICO: That was a quaint idea. Did you?

GRACE: Well I hesitated! I was terribly embarrassed. Eventually I was sort of pushed into his room by the two girls. I introduced myself, but he had recognized me at once and couldn’t have been sweeter or more quick to put me at ease.

I’ve always loved this story!

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Religious Wedding: Grace and her father leave The Palace for the ceremony. ~ April 19, 1956.

Footage from “The Wedding In Monaco” - MGM, 1956.

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Princess Grace of Monaco at the masquerade ball at the Palazzo Rezzonico in Venice, 1966.

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Happy 56th birthday, Princess Caroline! 

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Pierre Casiraghi and his girlfriend Beatrice Borromeo

They are a really attractive couple.  Pierre is the spitting image of his father, Stefano.

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Princess Caroline and Prince Albert posing for their father, Prince Rainier III. Monaco, November 19, 1963.

This might just be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

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Andrea Casiraghi and his fiancé, Tatiana Santo Domingo celebrate the new year in Brazil

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