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10/ Favorite Royal Fashion Moments

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Tatiana Santo Domingo speaking about Muzungu Sisters 

She hardly has any kind of accent!

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Happy Birthday, Grace Patricia Kelly! (November 12, 1929 – September 14, 1982)

“You know, I just love Grace Kelly. Not because she was a princess, not because she was an actress, not because she was my friend, but because she was just about the nicest lady I ever met. Grace brought into my life as she brought into yours, a soft, warm light every time I saw her, and every time I saw her was a holiday of its own. No question, I’ll miss her, we’ll all miss her, God bless you, Princess Grace.”

-James Stewart

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R4R Breaking News: Caroline Confirms the Happy News

Princess Caroline has recently confirmed what we already suspected. Andrea and Tatiana are to become parents in January. When asked about the news, the palace said that “this is a wonderful news that she is happy to confirm.” My french may be flawed, but I believe the article also says that Caroline released a statement through the palace about the engagement last July (@Royaltyandmore).

Either way, it seems that there will indeed be a baby in January and a wedding in the spring or summer! Tatiana confirmed the news herself to a Spanish newspaper 2 days ago, saying that she is six months pregnant. She visibly confirmed the pregnancy on Tuesday at the Telva awards with a sizeable baby bump. The couple began dating 8-years-ago and an engagement was announced in July 2012.

Speculations regarding gender, names, and the birthday of this baby can be posted at the Speculation Station. Winners will get a week of promos from R4R.

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I’ve always thought Charlotte was gorgeous.

That middle gown, from Albert and Charlene’s wedding reception, is so Grace Kelly; she reminded me of her Grandmother. ;)

That gown was actually inspired by one of the dresses Grace wore in To Catch a Thief! I love it too, its actually one of my all time favorite gowns! 

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Prince Albert and Princess Charlene attended the 7th Annual Oktoberfest Monte-Carlo at the Cafe de Paris in Monaco.

She looks so cute! 

I love her hair! They both look adorable :)

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At the wedding of Crown Prince Frederik, 2004

In the Hanover tiara…

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Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene attend the 2012 Ballo del Giglio at Palazzo Pitti

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Princess Caroline and Princess Alexandra of Hanover

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