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A History of Royal Weddings & Buckingham Palace’s balcony: 

King George VI & Queen Elizabeth: 1923 ♚ Queen Elizabeth II & The Duke of Edinburgh: 1947 ♚ Princess Margaret & Antony Armstrong-Jones: 1960 ♚ Princess Anne & Mark Phillips: 1973 ♚ The Prince of Wales & Lady Diana Spencer: 1981 ♚ The Duke of York & Sarah Ferguson: 1986 ♚ The Duke of Cambridge & Catherine Middleton: 2011 

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Queen Maxima’s wedding veil was AMAZING.

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Religious Wedding: Grace and her father leave The Palace for the ceremony. ~ April 19, 1956.

Footage from “The Wedding In Monaco” - MGM, 1956.

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“Once upon a time, in a land far away called Australia, there lived a sweet girl. By happenstance, during the Sydney Olympics this sweet girl met a very handsome boy, who turned out to be a Crown Prince and the future King of Denmark. The prince became utterly enchanted by her and he grew to love her so much that he swept her off her feet, gave her his kingdom and made her his queen. And they lived happily ever after.”

-Crown Prince Frederik on his wedding speech (via crownprincely)

He probably tells this story to their children…

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Pss Helene of France in the day of her wedding with  count Ebard of Limburg-Stirum.1956

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“There have been times when Victoria’s official duties have separated us. Often taken her to faraway countries and continents. I will never forget some years ago when she left for one of her many trips, this time to China.

We were going to be apart for a whole month. The night before she left, she got home late after an official engagement, and she had many preparations to make before the long month of duties ahead. Instead of getting some valuable sleep, she stayed up the whole night writing.

In the morning after she had gone I found a box. And in that box I found 30 beautiful letters addressed to me. One for every day she would be away. This romantic gesture is typical of you Victoria. It says everything about the loving person you are.”
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